Hiya! Welcome!!!

this is the personal website of a certain tommy p. keane.

if that illustration over there doesn't look like the vegan, Ph.D. dropout, myopic, Scientific Engineer tommy (born in the USA during the 1980s) that you're lookin' for, then you might be at the wrong site. thanks for visiting, though!

but, if this all sounds like the tommy p. keane that you were expecting, then, welcome!, again! this is basically the only site that tommy maintains on the internet(s), so whatever you're lookin' for is probably somewhere in here.

if you'd like to change the site theme, you can use the image/svg+xml (Settings) button to configure the site cookies. otherwise, this is a cookie-less and tracker-less site.

tommy has a personal, public GitHub page full of repositories of free, open-source code that you are (of course) welcome to peruse and use.

tommy is also available to discuss any potential professional Software Engineering, Data Science, or Scientific Engineering career opportunities you may have -- and these GitHub repositories should be a pretty good (albeit incomplete) indication of the kind of work tommy does.

Social Sites & Profiles

tommy doesn't currently have a profile on any of the popular social sites, except for a couple related to professional development. for the sake of clarity, the following is a list of popular professional and social sites. If tommy has a profile there, then a link should follow -- otherwise, if you see somebody there with the same name or likeness, that's probably not actually this tommy.

  • LinkedIn™: nope.
  • Facebook™: nope.
  • Instagram™: nope.
  • TikTok™: nope.
  • Snapchat™: nope.
  • Twitter™: nope.
  • RenRen™: nope.
  • Weibo™: nope.
  • Google Scholar™: nope.
  • HackerRank™: tommypkeane

Site Design

Unless stated otherwise, below, everything on this site was designed, created, and implemented by tommy, including the back-end deployment of the site. This is a mustache-flask-uwsgi-nginx stack running on a rented Linux VPS, with server-side HTML generation from mustache templates and commonmark "rendered" markdown documents. The flask app is deployed as a systemd service, handed HTTP requests through the uwsgi utility, which is called by the webserver application Nginx, depending on the endpoint requests.

Site Icons: TommyTofu designed and maintained by Tommy P. Keane using Inkscape. The site originally used Feather Icons, but they've since been replaced by our own custom designs.

Stylefiles: Custom, handwritten CSS by Tommy P. Keane, based-on an initial design using Bootstrap. Our custom mise-en-place.css code has replaced the majority of the Bootstrap design and functionality.

HTTP Requests: Handled by a custom Flask application developed in Python 3.8.x supplied by pyenv with poetry for dependency management.


Work Opportunities

tommy is currently unemployed after being furloughed due to the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic.

tommy is actively looking for a role as a Full-Stack Software-Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, and/or DevOps Engineer. tommy is used to multi-faceted roles, but is also always eager to learn new skills in a more specific role.

for the sake of anonymity and to encourage bidirectional disconnection, the names of tommy's previous employers have been redacted from this site, but you can look through the Business (CV) page(s) to learn about tommy's work history and relevant technology skills.

if you want to see a non-redacted resumé or have any questions, just click on the little help button to see our contact info, and feel free to reach-out anytime.