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this is the personal website of a certain tommy p. keane.

if that illustration over there doesn't look like the vegan, Ph.D. dropout, myopic, Scientific Engineer (born in the USA during the 1980s) that you're lookin' for, then you might've stumbled across the wrong tommy. thanks for visiting, though!

but, if this all sounds like the tommy p. keane that you were expecting, then, welcome!, again! this is basically the only site that tommy maintains on the internet(s), so whatever you're lookin' for is probably around here somewhere.

if you'd like to change the site theme, you can use the image/svg+xml (Settings) button to configure the site cookies. otherwise, this is a cookie-less and tracker-less site.

Site Design Update in Progress... (2021-02-14)

Work Opportunities

tommy is currently employed full-time (working remotely) for a Boston-area Healthcare SaaS Startup in Massachussetts (USA). tommy is in a multidisciplinary DevOps, Software Engineering, and Data Science (Machine Learning) role with a team of Engineers and Scientists. tommy works in Cloud Architecture and Machine Learning Infrastructure (MLOps), mentoring and reviewing software development through Software Engineering best practices, and encouraging Agile Project-Management principles.

tommy is not actively job-seeking, but if you want to see a non-redacted resumé or have any questions, just click on the little help button to see our contact info, and feel free to reach-out anytime.

tommy was unemployed for 5 months in 2020 due to the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic — originally being furloughed and then accepting a "Separation Agreement". tommy also worked on a Ph.D. in Imaging Science from 2010 through 2018, becoming a Ph.D. Candidate in 2014, but left the program without completing or defending a dissertation. tommy has worked in Retail and IT Support roles from 2002 to 2007; Software Engineering, Digitial Signal Processing, and Computer Vision R&D roles from 2007 to 2015; and then has been working in RF Engineeering, SATCOM Systems Integration, Revenue Operations Data Science, React.js Full-Stack Web Development, Custom CGI Full-Stack Web Development, AWS DevOps, GCP DevOps, Cloud Architecture, Machine Learning Software Engineering, and MLOps Engineering roles since 2015.

Social Sites & Profiles

tommy doesn't currently have a profile on any of the popular social sites, except for a couple related to professional development. for the sake of clarity, the following is a list of popular professional and social sites. If tommy has a profile there, then a link should follow -- otherwise, if you see somebody there with the same name or likeness, that's not actually this tommy, or tommy totally forgot about it.

  • LinkedIn™: nope.
  • Facebook™: nope.
  • Instagram™: nope.
  • TikTok™: nope.
  • Snapchat™: nope.
  • Twitter™: nope.
  • RenRen™: nope.
  • Weibo™: nope.
  • Google Scholar™: nope.
  • Hired™: Yes! (but no public link)
  • TripleByte™: Yes! (but no public link)


tommy is a native speaker of American English, and it's the only language tommy is actually fluent in. one thing to watch out for, though, is that tommy tends to use British English spellings (double L, S instead of Z, extra U, and all that) with maximum effort and occluded reasoning. there's also a bit of a Bostonian influence, so tommy may do an ah instead of a u, or probably add an r to make things easier to pronounce. oh, not really a warning; but there is, of course, an accurately abundant use of commas. and as some thievery from academic writing, most of this site is written in the third-person plural (we, us, our, ...), even though it's just me, here, alone, again, naturally.

tommy tries to use they/them in any creative, explanatory, scientific, or professional writing; so as to be neutral and inclusive. tommy will legitimately be happy to be referred to by any pronouns you wanna use -- most likely order of preference: they / he / she. tommy doesn't have anything “figured out”, tommy's a pacifistic vegan, and probably a paranoid solipsist just tryin' to remain anonymous.

SaaS: Software as a Service -- a type of commercial software where clients subscribe to access a web-application, and when they end their subscription they (typically) lose access to the application.

e.g., “We sawr it...” instead of “We saw it...” -- very much like the phonetic Liaison in the French Language.