Site Design

Unless stated otherwise, below, everything on this site was designed, created, and implemented by tommy, including the back-end deployment of the site. This is a mustache-flask-uwsgi-nginx stack running on a rented Linux VPS, with server-side HTML generation from mustache templates and commonmark "rendered" markdown documents. The flask app is deployed as a systemd service, handed HTTP requests through the uwsgi utility, which is called by the webserver application Nginx, depending on the endpoint requests.

Site Icons: TommyTofu designed and maintained by Tommy P. Keane using Inkscape. The site originally used Feather Icons, but they've since been replaced by our own custom designs.

Stylefiles: Custom, handwritten CSS by Tommy P. Keane, based-on an initial design using Bootstrap. Our custom mise-en-place.css code has replaced the majority of the Bootstrap design and functionality.

HTTP Requests: Handled by a custom Flask application developed in Python 3.8.x supplied by pyenv with poetry for dependency management.