Tommy Teaches Tommy

a collection of Greater Trees Lesser Turtles publications


These are links to PDF documents created by tommy for personal educational and reference purposes. These documents cover a wide range of topics.

All of the content in these documents was created by tommy based-on personal research, personal experience, academic experience, or professional experience. Each document has been written from the perspective of tommy teaching tommy, themself, about the topic at hand. By writing the documents and then retaining them, tommy's been able to learn and practice explaining the topic at-hand, and the information is available for later review in a format that tommy should probably be able to read and understand.

It's all quite solipsistic, for sure. But, at the same time, everything is shared here in case anyone else finds these topics useful, interesting, or informative. If you have any suggestions, or notice any errors, feel free to reach-out through email or on GitHub.

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